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- invitation U11 series 2012


SK Badminton Cesky Krumlov badminton club organises already the 11th year of U11 tournament series. The aim of these 3 tournaments is to create a chance for U11 kids and the very small children who are beginning with badminton to compete and meet the opponents of the same age categories for the first time in their career. The tournaments should also help the kids to start understanding the basic principles of competitive badminton.


SKB Český Krumlov badminton club (


Sportshall Cesky Krumlov,Chvalsinska street 111, 381 01 Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic



1st round - Saturday 25th February 2012

2nd round - Saturday 31st March 2012

3rd round - Saturday 5th May 2012


- born in 2001

- born in 2002

- born in 2003 and younger

To enter the event there are no other restrictions than age. The tournaments are OPEN for all who are interested!!! You don´t need a licence of the badminton federation.


girls’ singles and boys’ doubles. After receiving all the entries,the organisers shall use such a playing system that willguarantee a minimum of 3 matches for each participant during the tournament.


Seeding for the first round shall be done according to the current U13 national ranking, seeding for the other rounds shall be done according to the results in the past tournaments of the Series.


8:30 - accreditation

8:45 - draw

9:00 - start of the tournament

Entry-fee: 5 € per player per tournament


it is possible to arrange accommodation directly in the Sportshall guesthouse. The prize is 15 € per person/night including breakfast.


After each tournament the exact standings will be made. According to their position in the tournament the participants will receive points. 1st place = 1 point, 2nd place =2 points, 3rd place = 3 points, 4th place = 4 points (if no bronze medal match, eachsemi finalist will receive 4 points), 5th place = 5 points, etc. The better result, the fewer points the player gets. The winner of the whole series will be the one with the lowest amount of points.

In case of receiving the same amount of points after the last tournament the head to head score will determine the final standings of these particular players. (This standing will be determined by comparing 1. head to head matches, 2. head to head games, 3. head to head shuttles). If the players are still equal in the before mentioned criteria, the final standings shall be determined by a draw.

The player who participated in more tournaments of the Series will be ranked higher than the player who played just one or two of them in case the both of them have reached the same amount of points.

If a player doesn’t participate in one of the tournaments, his position and amount of
points shall be equal to an amount as if being the last player of that particular tournament.

If more players are missing, they will all receive the same amount of pointsas if being the last.

Standings after each tournament of the Series will be published at the organiser’s website and also at the website of Southbohemian Badminton Asssociation


Provided by the organiser (feather RSL).


Players ranked 1 to 3 in each tournament shall receive medals and diplomas. After the last tournament there will be small prizes for all the participants.


Karel Kotyza – mobile: +420 604 639 610

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SKB Český Krumlov


SK Badminton Český Krumlov, z.s.

Chvalšinská 111, 381 01 Český Krumlov

IČO: 690 85 692

tel.: +420 724 320 839


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